Terms and Conditions

By sending ADA to the minting address, or by purchasing a PunkAss CNFT (Season 1 - 3, X-mASS or any other collection under the PunkAss brand) you are agreeing to all of our "Terms and Conditions" as laid out in this document.

When using the terms 'PunkAss', 'our', 'we', 'us' or 'site' we are referring to PunkAss.io. When using the terms 'token', 'CNFT', or 'PunkAss CNFTs' we are referring to a non-fungible token minted from contracts that contain the policy IDs listed on this site.

You recognize that you are not purchasing an investment, or any kind of asset that holds any monetary value. The values placed on a PunkAss CNFT on the secondary markets are determined solely by the owner of the CNFT and are therefore not the responsibility of us.

You recognize that you are purchasing artwork, and artwork only.

You recognize that the roadmap goals may change or never be met.

You recognize that the tokenomics described in our 'Official Tokenomics & Rewards Documentation' or  'PunkAss CNFT Tokenomics' can only be upheld if all (3) seasons of PunkAss CNFTs completely sell out. (Season 1, Season 2 & Season 3)

Any content in the form of a digital token is rightfully owned by whoever possesses a Cardano digital wallet in which the token is stored. The owner is allowed to use their respective token for any kind of personal or commercial purpose e.g., sharing it on social media or using it for advertising or promotional use. The owner is allowed to transfer the ownership of the token through a transaction on the Cardano blockchain.

Once the token is sold, PunkAss holds the right to display it on our site, along with the address of the owner.

You are not allowed to reproduce the graphical contents of a CNFT in order to generate new non-fungible tokens without explicit permission from us.

Any graphics content displayed on our site such as logos, graphics, design and text is owned by us.

We can not be held liable in any way for any loss of monetary funds or value you may incur via interacting with this website and / or PunkAss CNFTs.

Due to grey areas and various tax laws in the United States of America, we reserve the right to withhold sales and functional features of the PunkAss CNFT collections from participants in the USA. Buy at your own risk!

The 'Terms and Conditions' in this document can change at any time.

For more information regarding our terms and conditions please e-mail contact@punkass.io.