PunkAss is among the first NFTs going to space - literally!

Follow our little ASStronaut's journey as he ventures towards Uranus via the roadmap below.

For more information head to ProjectCosmos.io

punkass spaceman 2.png
  • Nov. 26th, 2021: Minting Open

  • Dec. 10th, 2021: Minting Closed

  • Dec. 10th - January 7th: Custom card designs developed/delivered to members of the flight crew (MAT holders)

  • January 10th: NASA safety review (operations)

  • January 12th: Physical NFTs ordered from manufacturer

  • January 13th: NFC chip programming/testing

  • January 19th: NASA safety review (toxicity/chemicals)

  • January 21st: Physical cards in hand

  • January 22nd: Payload assembly, programming, testing

  • January 24th: Payload component photographing

  • January 26th: Final flight payload documentation package delivered to NASA

  • February 1st - February 13th: Payload integration and cataloging

  • February 14th: Delivery to launch integrator

cosmos cards.png
  • February 15th - February 25th: Safety data package validation testing

  • February 26th: Electro-magnetic compatibility testing

  • February 27th: Delivery to NASA

  • May 2022: Integration into launch containment system (payload duffel bag)

  • May 2022: Integration into dragon capsule

  • June 2022: Launch to the ISS

  • June 2022: Payload re-entry in dragon capsule

  • July 2022: Payload return to the BuffyBot/Viper team

  • July 2022: Payload NFC memory testing/cataloging

  • August 2022: Physical Asset NFT distribution to flight crew