HODLing ASS just became A LOT more rewarding! (1).png

PunkAss $NFTC Rewards on DripDropz!

Starting with Epoch 338 - PunkAss NFT holders can now claim rewards of $NFTC from DripDropz.io each epoch! 🤗

What is $NFTC? 👀

$NFTC will be utilized in some form or another across all of NFT Creative's Cardano projects. It will be used as a bonus reward for PunkAss NFT holders, it will be the utility token to engage with our upcoming NFT collection 'ChainSlugs!', as well as will be introduced as the primary currency in a metaverse build we are developing behind the scenes.* A detailed tokenomic and distribution schedule for $NFTC is currently being written, however we can tell you that there will public and private sales of the token at a later date, as well as we will be injecting a portion of profits from all NFT Creative projects (ADA, ETH & FLOW) in to liquidity for the token at appropriate times. 💪

Each NFT will be worth a specific amount of $NFTC, including X-mASS, Cheek Peeks and regular season asses. Find out more about $NFTC at NFTCreative.ca.

Here is the rewards breakdown :

PunkAss Season 1 - 50 $NFTC per NFT per epoch
PunkAss Season 2 - 100 $NFTC per NFT per epoch
PunkAss Season 3* - 150 $NFTC per NFT per epoch

PunkAss X-mASS Tokens - 100 $NFTC per NFT per epoch
PunkAss Cheek Peek Collection - 100 $NFTC per NFT per epoch

For more information on DripDropz.io and how to use the faucet, please visit DripDrops.io.

*PunkAss Season 3 will be released at a later date.